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WAT must come back

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WAT must come back Empty WAT must come back

Message  william le Mer 21 Oct - 20:27

sorry we don t speak french WARNING
To all fans without a trace in the world,
Many people regret the end of the series and especially the miserable end of the series, CBS and Warner Bros. have no respect the actors and fans for that me and my best friend we have decided to react and make ourselves heard even if it fails we will talk about us and our disagreement why we need all the fans around the world, in May we have n not yet decided the date we will hold a demonstration outside CBS studios in Los Angeles to demand the return of the series this requires a maximun of people who joined us with the press, our banners and our strength we will succeed in having the return of the series those of am agreement will just send an email fanworldwat@hotmail.com , we will take our decision and will select the final date given the number of people who agreed to join us :-X
william and mickael

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