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4x21: "Shattered"

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4x21: "Shattered" Empty 4x21: "Shattered"

Message  Mali le Jeu 9 Mar - 18:37

Pairings: Danny/Sam, Jack, Jack/Sam, Danny/Elena, Martin/Sam, Sam/Elena, Jack/Viv, Jack/Anne, Danny/Viv, Martin/Viv

MP: Kelly McMMillan, an ice skater

Updated 3/8/06
Martin and Viv talk to Walter Covney, a maintenance guy at the ice rink. He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault. It seems he was hiding at his ex-wife's house and he tells them that when he heard Kelly was missing he knew they would come after him but he's a reformed man. Martin asks if he is reformed why lie about who he was and change his name. He tells him because he wanted to get a job, stop getting harrassed by neighbors, rocks in windows, etc. He tells them that he isn't the guy, there is a real sicko out there.

*Flashback* Kelly comes off the ice and is near the locker room where Walter is changing a light fixture. He tells her he has something for her and gives her a hockey jersey. He tells her it is Jason's old practice jersey and she is saddened by the sight of it but accepts it. He tries to praise Jason but she excuses herself, not wanting to talk about it. She enters the locker room as Walter continues working. She screams and he rushes in. On Kelly's locker there is a decaptitated rats head with blood trailing down the door. *End Flashback*

Walter tells them that he was outside the locker room for a half-hour and didn't see anyone go in. Martin asks if Kelly knew who did it and Walter says that Kelly thought it was another skater trying to psyche her out. He wanted to call the police but Kelly begged him not to, it would make things worse. Martin thinks it is pretty convenient that only Walter and Kelly can vouch for the story. Walter tells him to ask the rat, the garbage hasn't been picked up yet.

Danny and Elena are watching footage of Kelly skating. She finishes a routine and skates to the end and is greeted by her brother, Jason. Elena tells him that he is always the first one to greet her off the ice.

Sam and Elena (or Danny - the script fluctuates) talk to Maddie Porter and Linda, her mom. Linda is holding an evidence photo of a rat and argues it is disgusting and doesn't want her daughter to see it. Maddie insists and looks at it. She tells them she didn't do it. Elena asks why Kelly would say she did and Maddie replies that she thought she and Kelly were friends. Linda thinks it is a ploy to get an edge at the competition. Maddie tells her mom she wants to talk to them alone but Linda refuses. Sam asks Maddie if she saw something and Maddie nods her head. Sam assures her that whatever she saw won't leave the room (she looks pointedly at Linda when she talks). Maddie tells her she saw Kelly outside the rink a couple of weeks ago.

*Flashback* Maddie is loading her bag in the car when she sees Kelly crying on a bench as an older man comforts her. He kisses her on the head, holds her chin and tells her something that makes her smile, etc. He gives her hankerchief and then leaves. Maddie walks up to Kelly and asks if she is okay. Kelly replies that she is fine. Maddie asks if that man was her boyfriend and Kelly says no and asks her not to tell anyone she saw him with her. Maddie agrees and looks worried as Kelly walks off. *End Flashback*

Maddie said she didn't know who he was but Kelly didn't want to talk about it. Sam asks how much older he was and Maddie replies he was close to her dad's age. Sam and Elena share a look.

Updated/Revised 3/8/06
Danny finds out that Jeremy Hillman, another hockey player, entered the ice skating rink after hours.

Viv and Danny talk to Jeremy. Danny asks why he would hang a dead rats head on Kelly's locker. Jeremy claims he wasn't trying to scare Kelly, that she is his girlfriend. Danny wonders why no one else seems to know that and he replies that Jason was his best friend and they got close after he died. He didn't want anyone to think he was taking advantage. Danny puts a sketch of the the older man Kelly was with out. Maybe Jeremy thought Kelly might have been stepping out on him but he replies no. He tells Danny it all started when he went to go see Kelly at the rink a few days ago.

*Flashback* Kelly is sitting on a bench while the zamboni is cleaning the ice. She is looking forlorn while reading a note. Jeremy comes up behind her and puts his hands over her eyes, playing "guess who?" She tells him not to, that her dad will be here and might see. He asks her about the note and she tells him it is from Jason from awhile back. She puts the note away and asks him if he thought Jason was weird before he died. He tells her no and she thinks maybe it was just around her. Jeremy tries to comfort her and says that it wasn't her fault; Jason was doing steroids. She gets angry and tells him Jason was a great hockey player. Jeremy tells her that Jason thought he needed an edge. She gets angry and says he was so stupid. Jeremy tells her a lot of guys do it and she asks if he does. It is clear by his pause he does so she tells him to screw off and gets on the rink to skate. *End Flashback*

Jeremy continues that the next day she demanded to know who the dealer was. He tells them it is a Ray Mullins, the school trainer. They ask if Ray is repsonsible for the rat and he tells them that Ray was angry that he told Kelly. He threatened to cut him off unless he did it. He feels really guilty.

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4x21: "Shattered" Empty Re: 4x21: "Shattered"

Message  Mali le Jeu 9 Mar - 18:38

suite :

Jack and Anne are in an elevator. She agrees to something and he asks if she is sure. While she says yes it seems like a no. He tells her he'll see her tonight.

Sam and Danny interview Roy Mullins, the steroid dealer. He is also the high school's sports trainer. They accuse him of having something to do with Kelly's disappearance but he is steadfast in his refusal. He tells them he admits to the "rat thing" but that's it. Danny tries to bluff him and says that Jeremy told them it was him. Roy says Jeremy is lying, Kelly came to him.

*Flashback* Roy is in his small office at the school when Kelly enters. He asks her if she needs a bandage or something and she asks him how his steroid business is going. He feigns ignorance and she tells him she knows that he was her brother's dealer. He closes the door and asks her what she wants and she replies, "two thousand dollars." He can see her fear so he refuses. She starts losing her nerve but still says that she will go to the police. He tells her if she does she would guarantee her boyfriend getting in trouble too. She is shocked but Roy is full of confidence. She insists she needs the money and he tells her to go get it someplace else. *End Flashback*

Sam asks if he had any idea what she needed the money for and Roy replies he doesn't care. Danny asks if he has an alibi and he says he was out drinking with buddies who'll vouch for him. He gives them names.

Sam and Danny exit to find Martin in the hallway outside the interrogation window. He tells them Mac finished going through her computer and found she had been conducting a lot of searches. He gives Sam the paper and it seems she was hitting Planned Parenthood, Council on Teen Pregnancy.... He tells them that according to the search words she was using she had stopped getting her period. Danny wonders if maybe the money she was trying to get from Roy was for an abortion. Sam wonders if she decided to go to the father. A 40-yr old with a 15-yr old pregnant girlfriend could be a real problem.

REVISED 3/7/06
Sam and Jack are talking to Kelly's mom, Joanie. They have just told her that she may have had an abortion because she was trying to get money from an older man. Joanie said that isn't possible because since Pete (her father and coach) upped her training regimen she had stopped getting her period. They saw a doctor who confirmed it. Jack asks what other reason she may have needed the money and she tears up as she tells them she thinks Kelly was trying to help her.

*Flashback* Joanie is in Kelly's room rifling through her drawers and pulls out a curio box. She takes out the money and turns to find Kelly walking in and catching her. She asks what she is doing when she sees that Joanie has money in her hand. Kelly gets angry and knows that is the money she was saving for new skates. Joanie tells her she just needs money for dry cleaning and Kelly tells her she has enough for $400 dollars worth. Joanie feigns surprise that she has that much in her hand. Kelly asks if Joanie is in some kind of trouble when Joanie starts breaking down. She tells her it all started when Jason died. She started shoplifting -she could have bought stuff but couldn't help herself. Eventually she did it often enough that she got caught and the store agreed to not press charges if she paid them back. Kelly has to comfort her own mother who is sobbing about how much she misses Jason. *End Flashback*

Joanie tells them she tried giving Kelly the money back but she wouldn't take it. She also tells them she still owes the store a thousand dollars. She asks them if they think she may have tried to get the money to help her. They ask where Pete is and she tells them he is out looking for Kelly.

Jack's daughter makes an appearance!

Jack enters his office and finds Kate playing PSP. She is really excited to see Jack and he asks her if she finished her homework. It seems Hanna is not visiting (I have no idea why) because Jack asks how their mom and Hanna are. She tells him that her mom is fine and Hanna said to tell him that she scored two goals last week.

REVISED 3/7/06
Danny and Elena are searching a hotel room looking for Kelly and a man named Lawrence Newell, an ice skating coach. Elena asks the manager if he is sure that the man didn't check out. The manager tells them no - he was here five minutes ago. The agents go into the parking lot and Danny sees a Camry pulling out. He asks the manager what kind of car Newell drove and they realize that is Newell's car. Danny shouts "FBI" and chases but Newell hits the gas. Danny jumps in the window and grabs Newell. Finally Newell stops. They ask him where Kelly is and he tells them he doesn't know. He asks if they are really FBI because he thought maybe Kelly's dad sent them. He admits to trying to get her to drop her dad as her coach. Elena says that witnesses saw him kiss her on the head and he says he only did it because she was a mess about her brother. He claims Kelly approached him since he started a camp at Lake Placid - olympic quality training.

*Flashback* Newell asks her how she found him at the hotel and she says that when they talked he had told her that he was there for a conference. She apologizes for how she was behaving before and she is feeling much better. She asks about Lake Placid and wants to make sure that she could live up there while training. He says sure. She gives him the packet with the signed forms, she's all good to go. She'll get the money to him by the end of the week. He tells her it isn't that simple; he has to sit down and talk to her parents. She asks him what it matters because she said yes and that's what he wanted. He tells her he doesn't want her as a student under these circumstances. She asks if that means she can't go with him and he says "no, not under these circumstances". She storms out. *End Flashback*

He tells the agents he was worried so he called her parents and it was obvious that they didn't know anything about her plans. They ask how long ago and he replies just a few hours. He tells them that Pete accused him of stealing his daughter and was going to kill him. Danny asks how long ago the phone call was and he says a few hours. Danny tells Elena that's when Joanie said Pete left to go look for Kelly. Elena is worried what he would do if he finds her.

Viv tells Jack they have Pete. Kelly wasn't with him but there was blood in the car. Jack is talking to Pete, Kelly's dad. Pete's hand is wrapped in gauze and tape. Jack asks how he hurt his hand and Pete tells him he cut it on a glass. Jack presses and asks what he did to Kelly but Pete angrily replies nothing. Jack tells him that Kelly was so desperate to get out of his house she tried to blackmail a drug dealer and prostitute herself. He accuses Pete of molesting her. Pete replies he didn't even know until Kelly came home.

*Flashback* Kelly walks in with her bag and finds Pete putting her trophies into boxes. She asks him what's going on and he tells her that since she found herself a new coach (Newell) he figured he would help her pack. She tells him she wanted to tell him herself but he interrupts and tells her how selfish she was to disappear, that he has half the FBI looking for her. She tries to apologize but he gets angry and yells. He asks her how she could possibly think someone could coach her better than her own father, that she is just tired of being pushed to the limit of her skills. She argues back that he wasn't coaching her, he was obsessing over her so he wouldn't have to deal with Jason's death. That neither he nor her mother even talk about it. He asks her if her answer is to just run away? She tells him that Jason was on steroids and really unhappy. She gives him the note she was reading when Jeremy showed up at the ice rink. She found it when she was looking for some music in his room to skate to - a sort of "in memory of" routine. She found the note crammed between CDs. *Inner Flashback* She finds the note (basically a suicide note) and breaks down sobbing. *End* Pete looks at the note but refuses to believe that his son would have killed himself, if it was a suicide note he wouldn't have hidden it. She tells him maybe Jason changed his mind. Pete says no and she tells him she didn't want to believe it either. He gets angry and shouts for her to get out. She gets scared and takes off. He breaks one of her glass trophies, cutting his hand. *End Flashback*

Pete tells Jack that she was right. He knew he screwed up and went to find her. Jack tells him he should have told them he'd seen Kelly. Pete says he couldn't without Joanie, his wife, knowing the truth (about Jason). That she would never forgive herself or him. Jack asks him if he has any idea where Kelly might have gone and Pete replies that he thought she was on her way to see Coach Newell again. He was headed that way when Jack found him. He begs Jack to find her, he can't live with himself knowing that he is responsible for something bad happening to both his kids.

Updated 3/7/06
Martin walks into the bullpen and Sam is at the center table. She tells him that the police reported no sign of Kelly. He tells her that he doesn't want to be the one to say it but maybe its time to start dragging rivers. She is skeptical but he adds that suicide is higher among teen athletes. Sam thinks it is unlikely, she was mad at her brother for doing it. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Martin agrees and starts to try and come up with possible places to look.

Missing stuff

*Mid Flashback* Kelly is practicing with Pete coaching. She is stretching when she spots her brother, Jason. She skates over and happily greets him. He lights up when he sees her but then becomes despondent. She asks him what's up when Pete blows his whistle and calls her back over. Jason tells her to go back to dad. She says okay and she'll see him at dinner. He says okay and Kelly skates back to her dad. *End Flashback*

Kelly says that later that night the police called and tells them that Jason drove his car through a guard rail. Kelly tells her if only she had stayed talking to Jason instead of listening to her dads whistle. Sam is consoling Kelly and tells her it isn't her fault. She laments that when she skated Jason caught her a thousand times and she couldn't catch him just that once.

Anne is sitting at a table in a restaurant when Jack walks in with Kate. Anne is visibly nervous about meeting his daughter. Jack apologizes for being late.
source jennifoofighter
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4x21: "Shattered" Empty Re: 4x21: "Shattered"

Message  Céline le Ven 10 Mar - 10:51

Le titre du 4.21 est connu : 4.21 Arrow Shattered
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4x21: "Shattered" Empty Re: 4x21: "Shattered"

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