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4x19: "Expectations

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4x19: "Expectations Empty 4x19: "Expectations

Message  Mali le Jeu 9 Mar - 18:29

Pairings: Jack/Viv, Martin/Elena, Martin/Viv, Viv/Sam, Danny/Martin, Martin/Sam, Elena, Viv

MP: Megan Sullivan, a woman who’s more than 8 months pregnant, married to Brian and has HIV.

Teaser: Brian and Megan are in Dr. Barnes´ office both entranced by the sonogram of their baby. Megan is worried but Dr. Barnes assures her that everything is okay, on schedule, and “Junior should be done cooking in plenty of time for the C-Section next month”. Brian wants to know if the baby is a Brian Junior or a Megan Junior. Megan says she doesn’t want to know the sex and tells the doctor to ignore Brian’s request – she does. Dr. Barnes says she doesn’t ignore fathers but she stalls them. She gets up and leaves Brian and Megan alone. Brian tells Megan they need to schedule the next appointment and finds Megan crying. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him she just can’t believe that it’s only a month away. He apologizes for ‘this morning’ and she tells him she was just being silly and asks what time is his flight.

Jack and Viv are talking to Brian. He tells them that he was traveling and got back this am. He had called the house but Megan didn’t pick up. He assumed she was asleep so he left a message. Jack tells him it must have been a long message because he was on the line for 3 minutes. Brian explains he always sung a lullaby to the unborn by singing next to Megan’s belly. He sang a song on his message and told Megan to put the phone on her tummy. Jack asks if there’s a chance if Megan left by herself and Brian replies that she needs to stay close to a hospital because she needs to have a C-Section so the risk of transmitting the virus to the baby is lower. He remembers MEGAN didn’t want to go to her previous doctor’s appointment.

*Flashback* Brian and Megan are getting ready to go when she tells him she wants to reschedule. She says that the blood lab tech people give her disapproving looks about having a baby because she has the virus. Brian tells her he will talk to the doctor. Megan replies he would have to talk to the woman at the pharmacy, the Xerox guy at work, and everyone else who knows about her condition. He apologizes and tells her they can find another OBGYN. She tells him she is so far along and it’s hard finding someone to treat her. She’ll just go. *End Flashback*

Jack asks if there is anyone else she would confide in and Brian tells them that she attended an HIV support group. Jack sees a picture of her mom and asks if Megan would talk to her. Brian says no, that ever since Megan was diagnosed they haven’t gotten along. Her mom refuses to believe she is sick. Jack asks about the dad and he tells them that her dad died when she was six. Jack asks Brian how Megan contracted the virus. He laughs, telling them that Megan always complained about people asking her how she got sick to see if they should feel sorry for her or not. He argues that if she got it through a needle would they stop looking for her? Jack said if she had it would indicate a behavior pattern and duly chastised Brian answers that she got it from an ex-boyfriend who slept around her. They found out she had the virus when they were trying to get pregnant. Jack notices that the message light isn’t blinking and asks Brian about it. He tells them he must have erased it. As Jack and Viv leave they agree to keep an eye on the husband.

Martin and Elena are talking and he asks her if there is any news about the judgmental blood tech. She tells him no one is fessing up. They discover there was a time lag between the end of the OBGYN appt and Brian’s flight out. They speculate if maybe he picked up some tips from Scott Peterson.

Sam talks to Lauren Johnston, the blood lab tech. She asks about her work schedule and Lauren has responses to it all. She wonders why Sam is asking and Sam says that Megan Sullivan is missing and she knows that Lauren was not a big fan. Lauren replies she has the right to her opinions. Sam asks the last time she saw Megan and Lauren tells her it was a week ago. It was the first chance they got to know one another.

*Flashback* Lauren is drawing Megan’s blood. There is an icy silence. Megan asks if there is a problem and Lauren says no. Megan says if she is uncomfortable she would rather someone else do it. Lauren argues she is fine and punctures Megan’s skin. Megan winces. Lauren tells her that it’s not her she’s worried about (indicating the baby). She tells her that there are a lot of mothers who want babies – deserving women – does it bother her? Megan asks where she gets off judging her? Lauren replies she doesn’t, God does. Lauren replies she can do something good and give her baby to a home that deserves it. Megan stands up in indignation and shouts that’s enough. Lauren apologizes if she offended her but Megan angrily replies that she knows she really isn’t sorry. Lauren removes her gloves and leaves. *End Flashback*

Sam asks if that was the last time she saw Megan and Lauren replies yes. Sam asks if she knows that the odds of passing HIV to a baby through a C-Section are less than one percent. Lauren holds up a needle and coolly replies that there are still odds. Sam speculates that Megan never told Dr. Barnes about the episode. Lauren argues she isn’t hiding anything. As Sam leaves Lauren says that when they finally find Megan they’ll know she’s right and God is punishing her.
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4x19: "Expectations Empty Re: 4x19: "Expectations

Message  Mali le Jeu 9 Mar - 18:30

suite :

Martin and Danny are in the bullpen. He says that a potential baby snatcher suspect is locked up in Bellevue. He asks Martin what he is doing and he tells him that he is reviewing Brian’s financials. It seems he spent two weeks in a local hotel a year ago. Danny asks if he was by himself and Martin tells him according to the desk clerk, yes. They wonder if things were rocky before the pregnancy.

Viv is talking to Catherine Ryder, Megan’s mom. She is cool and composed. A woman who prides herself on her appearance even though her clothes have a worn quality…end page.

Danny and Sam go to the HIV support group. Sam talks to Craig who tells her that she and her husband went through a rough patch after she was diagnosed but he stuck around. Danny notices a straggler hanging around and goes to talk to him. He introduces himself and the guy is named Nick. Danny notices that Nick is twitchy like a drug addict so he treads carefully. Danny asks if he knows that Megan is missing to which Nick nods his head. He tells Danny that Megan was nice. Danny asks if he as any idea what might have happened to her and Nick shakes his head tensely. He tells Danny that last week she was asking him questions that a woman in the family way shouldn’t be asking.

*Flashback* Megan pulls Nick aside, seeking privacy. She awkwardly tells him that she liked what he had to say, about living life and not just existing. She knows that he mentioned he still uses Crystal Meth and wants to know where he gets it. He is taken aback and she tells him that her friend’s connection was busted and she needs to help him find a new source. She wants him to quit but he can’t go cold turkey. She begs him and once he is sure it isn’t for her, he caves. *End Flashback*

Danny asks where he sent her. Nick hesitates and Danny assures him he won’t get in trouble. Nick tells him and Danny thanks him. Danny tells Sam that their mom-to-be was asking where she could score some Meth. They wonder if maybe she lied to Brian about how she contracted the disease. If so, they speculate she picked a hell of a time to start up again.

Martin and Elena talk to Jane Carlson. She is alarmed that she is even here. They ask if she works with Brian Sullivan. She says yes and asks what this is about. They ask her when was the last time she saw him and she replies two days ago. He flew to Columbus to see a client. They ask where she was yesterday morning and she replies she was at work. Elena asks what about before that and Jane says she was running errands. They show her a photo of her in her car in the parking garage where Brian and Megan were meeting with their OBGYN. Martin asks if she knows Brian’s wife. Jane tells him that she was supposed to meet Brian at a coffee shop a few blocks away to give him some plans for his trip and the parking structure was the cheapest. Martin tells her that Brian never mentioned the meeting to them. She says she doesn’t know why. Elena tells her they know that she and Brian had an affair. Jane says it’s over; she knows that Brian is committed to his wife. She argues it isn’t a federal crime to have an affair. Elena argues that no it isn’t but kidnapping and murder are. She asks if maybe Jane wanted the wife out of the picture. Jane says no way. Megan was fine when she talked to her. She confronted her outside the hospital a few blocks from the café.

*Flashback* She is walking down the sidewalk when she spots Megan on the phone in a heated argument with someone named Justin. Megan spots Jane and starts walking away. Jane gives chase and it isn’t hard to catch up to an 8-month pregnant woman. Jane tries to apologize to Megan who is so tired and frustrated she doesn’t want to hear it. She argues that if Jane knew she was pregnant she wouldn’t have tried to steal her husband? Jane says no, she wouldn’t have. Jane tells her she knows they will make great parents. Megan wants to know what Jane is doing here anyway and she tells her that she had a physical therapy appt. Megan’s phone rings and she excuses herself. *End Flashback*

Jane tells the agents that she lied to Megan about the appointment because she figured Brian hadn’t told her. Elena mocks her by saying, “Like he didn’t tell us.” Jane confesses that she stood Brian up at the café because she didn’t feel like seeing him. They asks if Brian had been complaining about problems at home and Jane argues that he couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her disappearance.

Jack asks Brian if he recognizes the name Justin Peltier. Brian tells him he is the guy who gave Megan HIV.

Viv and Sam interrogate Justin. He tells them that he hasn’t seen Megan since their break up but the agents tell him that his girlfriend, Emily, said he did. That she filed a police report claiming that Justin is willingly transmitting HIV to her. That she learned if from a pregnant woman who accosted him outside his apartment last week. Viv tells him to stop lying and tell them the truth.

*Flashback* Justin is exiting his apartment and it takes him a moment to recognize Megan. She asks him if he knew if he had HIV when they were together. He wonders what makes her think it was him and she says that he was a drug user and the only possible one. He claimed that she knew who he was and what he did (sharing needles and stuff) and if she did nothing to protect herself it’s on her. Emily, Justin’s girlfriend, sees the conversation and she asks what’s going on. Megan asks if she knows that he is HIV positive, did he infect her too? Emily says she wants to know what Megan is talking about and Justin says that Megan is a wacko. Megan gets so angry she grabs a PVC pipe and attacks Justin’s truck while cursing him. Justin grabs her and she comes to her senses. She stops vandalizing but curses him and walks away. *End Flashback*

They ask him if they know where she went and he tells them he hadn’t seen her since they broke up. Viv asks not even once when she found out she tested positive. He tells them he got a letter from the Dept. of Health. Sam tells him they need to know where he has been the last two days.

Danny and Martin are talking and it seems that Justin’s alibi checks out. So do Brian and Jane’s. Martin asks if they got any hits from the bus depot but no luck. Danny thinks wherever she went it is tied up with Peltier. Viv approaches and tells them they might be right. It seems Megan was doing searches on her computer for HIV specialists. Danny comments she is already seeing one and Viv replies, “Yeah, interesting huh?”

Viv and Elena talk to Dr. Stepenosky. He tells them that the last time he saw Megan was last week. They ask why and he tells them she felt some swelling around her neck and her doctor said it was nothing. She wanted a second opinion.

*Flashback* Megan is in the clinic and is nervous. Dr. Stepenosky tells her that she was right to be concerned. The results of the biopsy have come in and she has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is shocked. Her last test results with Dr. Barne’s were fine. He tells her that’s good news but this does changer her status from HIV to AIDS. He tells her she needs to sit down with her General Practitioner and OBGYN to plan a course of action. She asks what she should do and he tells her she and her baby have to get on new meds and she should start chemo as soon as she recovers from the C-Section. She asks what if she doesn’t respond to chemo or meds and he steers her away, to not think like that. He doesn’t want to go there but she pleads and tells him she will just find out on the web. *End Flashback*

He tells the agents that any prognosis, good or bad, is different for everyone. Elena asks what he told her was the worst case scenario. He tells her that if they can’t find a suitable cocktail and her body doesn’t reply to chemo it could be as little as six months.

Sam and (it’s going to be either Danny or Elena) talk to Linda Ryder, Megan’s sister. She is distraught and wants to know how Megan could be missing when they saw each other yesterday. She asks if they know that she is sick and have they checked the hospitals. She is upset that she just dropped Megan off at a bus station. She offered to drive but Megan wanted time to clear her head. Danny asks what did she needed to think about and she tells him, “Me. Dad. Our mother…”

*Flashback* Megan and Linda are on a park bench talking. Linda is upset that Megan is sick, that she failed her as an older sister. Megan tells her not to be – that she is dropping a lot on her. Megan tells her she wants her to be close to her baby since she won’t be around. Linda tells her not to think like that, etc. but Megan says to avoid the pep talks. She wants her to tell the baby who she was, how much she loves him or her. She knows she cannot rely on their mom for that because she won’t even accept that she is sick. Linda tells her that their mom went through a lot, that’s why she is holding on so tight. She ran off their dad, her, and Megan is all she has left. It is the dad leaving that gets Megan’s attention. Linda tells her that their dad ran off with his secretary. That’s why she left. She couldn’t handle their mom’s lies anymore. *End Flashback*

Linda tells them that their mom grew up in an orphanage so she has a fear of being left alone. She says she should be sympathetic but it’s not easy. Sam questions how she could just let her sick, pregnant sister just get on a bus. Linda said she tried arguing with her it wasn’t any good. Sam asks if maybe she was going to try and track down their dad and Linda says she didn’t think so. Linda tells her that she never realized how much she missed her sister after all this time – she doesn’t want to miss her all over again.

Martin is at his desk when Sam approaches. She tells him that the clerk at the bus station said that Megan changed her ticket to go to Hartford. He says she must have changed her mind about seeing her dad. Sam says she is going to call Elena and have her check it out.

Elena talks to Marie, a nurse at the convalescent home. She tells Elena that Megan arrived just after her shift started and spent about an hour with her father. Elena asks if she heard what they talked about. Marie tells her that she was only in there for a few minutes and Megan did all the talking.

*Flashback* Marie is checking on another patient. Megan is sitting next to her father in his bed. It is unclear if he recognizes her. She tells him that she went to college and now she does graphic design for a PR firm…she pauses and wonders why she is telling him all of this. She tells him she used to pray for God to give him her messages like when Bubbles died. She asks him if he remembers Bubbles, the hamster her got her. She used to wonder how different it would be if he were around all the time or if he was in heaven thinking about her. She looks sad that they can’t communicate. Marie tells her that while her dad can’t talk but sometimes he blinks really slowly to say ‘yes.’ Megan looks at her dad who blinks. She tells him they missed out on so much and she squeezes his hand. He squeezes back. Marie leaves them alone. *End Flashback*

She tells Elena that Megan was gone by the time she got back. She adds that it was so strange that where she works it is a place where people say goodbye, they don’t get a lot of hellos.

Martin and Viv talk to Catherine Ryder, Megan’s mom. They are with a police officer. They enter and find her sitting at table completely lost in thought, she doesn’t even notice them. Viv presses her but she doesn’t respond. Martin tells the cop to help him look around. Viv presses her again and asks where Megan is. Finally Catherine tells her that Megan is at the hospital having a baby. Viv tells her not she’s not – she is frustrated with her. Martin appears and tells her that Megan isn’t here, the garage is open and the car is gone. Viv asks Catherine if she did something to Megan. Catherine mutters that she couldn’t help her.

*Flashback* Catherine hugs Megan. She tells her that she has been so worried, that the FBI has been looking for her. Megan is surprised. Catherine says they have to call the police but Megan tells her to wait a minute, they need to talk. Megan tells her that she went to see Linda – she knows what really happened with their dad. She wants to know why their mom never told them that their dad ran off with his secretary. Catherine says she wanted them to have fond memories. Megan asks if he ever tried to contact them and she says of course but she denied him access. Megan is furious that her mom has been lying to her all these years. She questions her about Linda leaving but Catherine shrugs her off. She tells her mom that she is dying. Catherine insists she is fine but Megan tells her she has Lymphoma and might not make it to Christmas. Catherine says the doctors are wrong, she’s fine. Megan begs her to stop pretending but Catherine refuses to discuss it. Megan is ready to give up and heads to the door when she doubles over in pain, having contractions. She calls out for her mom but Catherine shuts down and just sits at the table insisting that Megan is “fine.” *End Flashback*

Viv asks how her own daughter could go into labor and she could just sit there. Viv seems really PO’d. Catherine claims she just couldn’t so Megan took her car. Martin asks what kind of car she has and Catherine gives them the info.

Viv and Martin cruise the neighborhood. Viv is driving while Martin works the spotlight. He calls in to Danny and gives him their location. Danny and Mac are coordinating the search on the computer.

*Warning: The following piece of spoiler is up in the air. It was in the first draft of script sides but after the revision it was cut off so I am not sure if it is going to stay in the scene or not. But I am going to post it and let the chips fall where they may.*

Martin and Viv find the car. Martin rushes out and finds Megan slumped over and unconcious. He is able to rouse her and she tells him she needs to get to the hospital. Martin waves to Viv that he's got her and Viv gets on the radio to tell them that Martin is enroute to the hosptial with Megan. He helps her move over and gets in to drive her.

source jennifoofighter
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4x19: "Expectations Empty Re: 4x19: "Expectations

Message  loupiote le Sam 11 Mar - 15:21

désolé mais je suis une confused confused en anglais est ce que quelqu'un peut juste me dire si il ya aura des "trucs" spéciaux entre les personnages. genre Elena doit faire ses adieux à l'équipe car elle a trouvé un poste à met met les coings coings ville où elle a toujours voulu exercer.
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4x19: "Expectations Empty Re: 4x19: "Expectations

Message  Ally le Sam 1 Avr - 19:04

Elena doit faire ses adieux à l'équipe car elle a trouvé un poste à met met les coings coings ville où elle a toujours voulu exercer.
En tout cas dans la review posté par Mali, on ne parle pas de l'éventuelle mutation d'Elena!!! Désolée de te décevoir!!
Mais bon, Elena n'a qu'un rôle super secondaire dans la série, donc on s'en fout un peu d'elle pascontent
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4x19: "Expectations Empty Re: 4x19: "Expectations

Message  Feerie21 le Sam 8 Avr - 9:52

La preview de l'épisode est disponible sur http://cbs.com.

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4x19: "Expectations Empty Re: 4x19: "Expectations

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